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Doctors use their credentials to attack legal gun owners – CALL TO ACTION


Stone Cold
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Port Alberni
I am just going to leave this one here (for now)...
Along with a LOUD SHOUT to climb onboard to protect what you have today!!

Recently, a University of Toronto surgeon and Professor, Najma Ahmed took up moonlighting as a social justice warrior, creating a website and social media campaign targeting legal gun owners. You read that right – not targeting the increasing gang violence we are witnessing across the nation, not focusing on the violent criminal element. No, Dr. Ahmed is content to isolate Canadian gun owners in her national attack on literally MILLIONS of law abiding sport shooters, hunters and collectors – the very people not responsible for the violence and carnage in the streets of her city.

What’s worse, is she is openly using her credentials as a physician to do this, with of course great applause from the radical anti-gun lobby groups. In a Tweet she stated; “no civilian needs access to guns. The harms outweigh any benefit. The evidence is clear. Sign the petition to ban handguns; write your MP”


The article has a suggested method for us to deal with this horse-pucky.
I suggest ALL of us do so.
I already have...



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Region 8 North Okanagan/Shuswap
Done. You are right Nog, some very well spoken accurate statements being made. l should see if my south African hunting doctor would be interested in a rebuttal! Our appointments always start with a catch up of current gun/hunting politics...... no matter how full the waiting room!

Foxton Gundogs

Admin./,Cedar BC
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Everyone needs to file a complaint.
1 800 268-7096
We have, not sure if it's the same as the link as I can't get it to open
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