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Foxton Gundogs

Admin./,Cedar BC
Just a heads up people. This from another site. The Mod Team will be watching

User name:- donna1
Name:- Brian David Squirrell
Tel.:- 780-809-5992
email 1:- bsquirell529@gmail.com
2:- donna.thomas1@frontier.com
DL:- Alberta 153154-059
PAL:- 11124519.0004
Old address:- 932 5 ave.S, Lethbrdige, AB T1J 0V2
He now lives in Edmonton.

He placed an ad. on the forum for a Kimber Montana on Jan.22, 2019 after he just joined. I was skeptical with his newness and lack of feedback. However through messages he convinced me he was legitimate.

I EMT him $ 1050.00 on Jan. 23 and it was deposited on the same day.

He indicated he would send it out on Jan. 26, a Saturday.

However I saw that he was banned on Sat. morning and contacted him. He still said it was being sent out that day. When I asked him about the ban, he claimed he didn't know about.

Since then I cannot reach him either by phone or email.

I have since filed a report with the RCMP who was reluctant to do so, being a civil matter. I will also go to my bank to see what they can do, but I am not hopeful.​
Here there and everywhere
omg jim that sh#t pisses me off especially to a stand up fella like you . the things I WOULD NOT THINK TWICE ABOUT DOING TO SCUM BAGS LIKE THAT ... let my dog chew on him for yeah Jim ... I know you probably contacted the police about it as well .... sry to hear buddy
one of my long guns left home awhile back..........fellow has been on a military shooting /collecting site for years........said ''send 1/2 money by e mail and i will mail ''some'' of the gun........
he sent the whole amount..........up front........
it is a bit of a roll of the dice BUT i had read his posts and by his style,he seemed legit........ he is interested in another old military rifle i have..........not using it so i'll probably give him a deal we both are happy with....
of course,i , following the law,asked for his p.a.l.# which he immediately sent.
as for sending $$$$$ to a stranger, na!!! face to face o.k. or YOU send ME $$$$$$$ first...... i can't afford to get scammed with my limited funds.
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