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Down to the Wire-Daughter's 2018 Sask Muley

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Walleye King

Long-Time Member
West Central Saskatchewan
Well, it finally had come down to the wire. My youngest daughter and I had been hunting mules on and off since November 1st. I shot mine on the third so it has been all hers since then (not that it wasn't before that though). We set off right after school today and spotted a couple of bucks which she promptly passed. With exactly 50 minutes left in the season, we spotted another buck and set off on a short stalk. Once we were in position, I ranged the distance at 168 yards and told her to fire when ready. She pulled the shot low but I noticed she "pushed" forward on the shooting sticks. We got her repositioned and told her to just let the rifle sit and squeeze slow and the rifle would do its job. She is a decent shot but excitement was playing a factor. At 352 yards the buck quit walking and turned broadside and I coached her where to aim and reminded her to squeeze. We heard the "whump" and watched as the buck took two steps and fell over dead as can be. Post mortem revealed that her 7mm/08 took the buck right through the heart. When we reached the buck, I was honoured to sit back and let her and her brother Hookset do the gutting. Proud of these guys and gals!
Kassy's 2018 Mule.jpg
Port Alberni
Simply AWESOME!! :Oh Yeah!: :Oh Yeah!:

Just LOVE it when the Young Guns connect, and that smile certainly tells all! :applause:
Way to bring them up right Pops!!

And please do extend my sincere Congratulations to your Gal! :Here's To Ya:

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