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Eagle/Swan showdown

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Sorry, no photo, it was too far away.

I was in a field in Delta today and there was zero duck action. Maybe the 40 eagles surrounding the field had something to do with it.

There were up to 15 swans at one point too.

I saw an eagle dive-bomb a flying swan and knock it to the ground. The swan couldn't take flight again, it seemed to have hurt its wing. It was dragging it a bit. The eagle tried to attack it on the ground but the swan managed put up both wings and threatened the eagle back.

More eagles flew in , probably hoping to take part in the kill. Then a flight of 5 or 6 swans dropped in and surrounded the hurt swan and then they all had a face-off.

It was like watching a gang fight.

Nothing happened for a while, then the swans marched their hurt buddy out of the field, across a ditch and into the next field.

When the hurt one felt better, they all flew away.

Big Lew

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Mission B.C.
Would have liked to witness that for sure. Sometimes the tables get turned big time.
While I was walking up Cambie Street in South Vancouver I saw 2 big birds fall onto
the slow lane among moving cars that all stopped to see what was going on. It was a
crow and a hawk. The hawk beat the heck out of that crow and then flew off. We've
all seen crows harassing hawks and owls...well that crow probably got too cheeky and
the hawk was able to grab it.

Bow Walker

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6200 km Away From Home.
That would have been incredible to witness. Thanks for posting!

Too bad you weren't closer and could have videoed that encounter.
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