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Bow Walker

6200 km Away From Home.
Some members have noticed that they cannot post in Epic Adventure Forum.

Let me explain....
That Epic Forum was intended as a place where threads were moved into by the mods. It is a sort of privilege to have a thread moved into there. Bragging rights so to speak.

After discussing the original intent with the mods it was decided to revert the Epic Forum back to what it was intended to be. Members cannot post in there now - they cannot reply to threads in there now.

You can, however, start another thread in the Hunting In BC Forum, and provide a link to the relevant thread in the Epic Forum. That's where discussion should take place. The epic forum is for the stories and photos themselves.

It may seem a bit of a hassle, but it is any easy thing to do. I created the Epic Adventure Forum as a bit of a reward for members who take the time to post good stories and accompany those stories with photos. This is a way of encouraging in-depth stories and lots of photos.

If it is hard to do the link thingy - just let me know and I will so you can do it post up a tutorial to make it easy for everyone.


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