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Just like Christmas

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Foxton Gundogs

Admin./CERTIFIED GOOSE PIG 2016..... Cedar BC
After another big cuffuffle by CPC I finally traced down the package from Blacktail. I don't know why but I am always amazed by Roy's craftsmanship and artistry. I "designed" the Bowie and I could not picture it being any better than it is. The antler handle was from an elk Roy took last year so kinda special. I plan to go after another Blackie with my X bow so want a decent holy crap knife. The other antler was a gift for CC last anniversary to use as a saddle knife. The Caper was a repair but instead of just repairing the handle he sent me a brand new knife(above and beyond). Finally last butt certainly not least is the Hunter I (or should I say Keela) won what a beauty, almost to nice to use. As someone who is trained as a "blacksmith" and who has made some cutters, I must say this guys knives are a must have for all outdoor people.



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Love high quality knives. You have a fine set. I have know several custom knife makers down here and have several of their knives. Like great optics until you have used a high quality knife most do not realize what they are missing using an off the shelf knife.
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