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Looking for advice..

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Region 8 North Okanagan/Shuswap
Finally moving a "want" up to a "need status"!:yeah, right: Been looking for a snow mobile for a few years now, they seemed either available and no cash or vice versa. Looking for a rig that will be a general all around machine. Intend to use it as a work horse and getting to and from places. Fun in the snow is in order but mt. climbing and 10 feet of powder isn't going to be its normal usage. Want to use it around the property and for getting around. Few years back l bought a ranger S x S.....looked at the razors and other units but figured the ranger would be more practical. It has worked out very well, I've been in a few razors and sportier models and they are fun but the ranger services issues a razor type machines would be hard pushed to do. Looking for a sled that can be a similar for work in the snow, but still have fun with. Dating my self when l say the last snow machines l was around included the likes of Massey Ferguson's "Ski -Wiz", "Snow Jet", the unbeatable streak of orange of the "Moto Ski" and can't forget the beastly Snow Cruisers with reverse the neighbor had, speaking of said snow pig ....... one time l watched that snow cruiser tow two dead snow machines home at once! Looking at what is on the market for sale, its easy to see they have come a loooooooooong way, so asking for feedback on what might fit the bill! While price may come into the decision, its not the priority, getting something that will service my needs is. Had thought of tracks for the S x S but my service outfit (who just happen to also sell sleds) told me for the price of tracks and for the limitations that come with them, l'd be further ahead to step up to the plate and deal on a good second hand sled.


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If you are looking for an all round sled,think about the a four stroke,and atleast a 700cc. Ski-doo has some nice "Cross-over" sleds, new is nice but depreciation is high.


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I think a great sled would be something such as a newer Skidoo tundra- 550 2 strokes are common, myself one day I want to get a 600 ace 4 stroke in either a tundra or expedition. downfall about the 4 strokes is don't have a pull start backup unlike the 2 strokes.. Or if they do I haven't seen any. Very quiet going down the lake, and fuel economy is great I hear as well.. id like a 154 track for the deeper snow which Is common and a 2 up seat. don't find them for sale too often..
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