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Media Bias Confirmed


Stone Cold
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Port Alberni
CBC found to be biased in favor of increasing gun control measures, and against legal firearm owners:



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"Minister Justin Trudeau says the Liberals will be promising more gun control measures while Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will roll back some measures already passed.

“We look forward to the very next time Parliament is sitting, hopefully under a Liberal government, where we will be able to introduce further measures to strengthen measures against guns,” Trudeau told reporters at an event with Toronto Mayor John Tory.

But he declined to get into details, saying only that he looks forward to “the election campaign in which we will be able to share with Canadians our vision for how to keep Canadians more safe … and that involves strengthening gun control, but it also involves investments that (Tory) has pointed out are so deeply needed in community infrastructure.” Trudeau used that point to attack Ontario Premier Doug Ford for dragging his heels on infrastructure funds.

Trudeau also said a federal Conservative government would, by contrast, repeal the firearms legislation already passed by Trudeau — legislation the Conservatives argue is ineffective because it only put more restrictions on legal gun owners rather than target criminals. The Conservatives unveiled their own proposed gun policies last fall , including lifetime bans on owning guns for anyone convicted of gang-related activity or certain violent crimes.

Tory said he requested Tuesday’s meeting with Trudeau following a spate of gun crime, including over the August long weekend when 17 people were injured in 14 separate shootings."
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