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Oh God NOOOOO!!!!!


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So I was thinking last night, Donald Trump's only qualifications in life are that he is rich and a former reality TV "star". With that in mind the next President of the USofA could quite likely be Paris Hilton. :Yikes!::Doh!:
Well our dear Justin Trudeau only qualifications in live are .............. born with a golden spoon , ex unemployed drama teacher and maybe a famous father < not sure if its Pierre or Fidel > .:What?::ROFL:

Buck fever

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Vancouver Island
When Trump arrived in hell, the devil said "Gee Mr Trump ,you are on our list, but there's just one problem. There is no room for you , someone will have to leave to make room. We will let you decide who leaves."
Trump said "Great! I am a good decider!"
So the devil opened the first door, and there was Obama ,diving repeatedly in a steaming hot pool.
The devil said "He will dive for eternity, and wont quite ever reach what he is diving for."
Trump said "I have a bit of asthma, so I couldn't do that.
"OK" said the devil, then closed that door, and opened the next one, where Hillary Clinton was breaking a big pile of rocks with a sledge hammer.
"She will be breaking rocks for eternity"said the devil.
Trump said "I have a bad shoulder, so I couldn't do that."
"OK " said the devil, closed the door ,and opened the third door, where Bill Clinton was strapped naked in a bed, with Monica Lewinski on top, doing what she dose best.
Trump said, enthusiastically "I like this one! I could do that forever! I pick this one!
The devil said "OK Monica .You are free to leave."
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