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On the road again...

Big Lew

This IS My Life
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Mission B.C.
The dog and I are in Astoria for a day or so. Might make it to Coos Bay before heading back home. Unfortunately I only have 4 days before I have to be back for a CT scan in Abbotsford. On the plus side, I stopped in at the Tulap Casino for a short rest and came out with enough to pay for groceries, lunch, supper, and the motel room:Heh, heh, heh:


Moderator, Backwoods Barista
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MID-ISLAND/Nanaimo area
You boys enjoy the trip !! nothing but cool weather up here..:Here's To Ya: Glenn & Jackie
when you get home, i'll tell you about me,the stone steps and the ''BLOW-HOLE'' down there on the beach.......STATESIDE=read the signs and obey !!!!!!!
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