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Foxton Gundogs

Admin./,Cedar BC
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So I was going into a store when a big biker looking dude went to give me a Green pamphlet. I said no thanks I wouldn't vote for them if my life depended on it and in fact it sort of does. He asked why, at that time I nodded to the dressed out Harley he had been leaning on as I drove in. "Nice bike I said bet that set you back a bundle, I have a cruiser but nothing that nice." He replied, " oh yah that's my baby, I got close to 100 G into it." "nice" I said "so let me ask you how would you feel if the cops showed up on your door step and told you hey were confiscating that fancy bike, because the government has outlawed Harleys because that's what the Criminal bike gangs ride. Well sir that's exactly what they are doing to legal firearms owner with no criminal records. And they are affecting my lively hood as well because I do some gunsmithing and train hunting dogs. Over 60 yrs as a firearms owner with no violations of the la yet because criminals use illegal guns they are coming after me, my work, recreation and way of life, see same thing and I cannot vote for any party that want to hold law abiding citizens responsible for what criminals do" He actually thought about it for a min and then said "you have a good point I never thought of it that way"
Not sure if it will do any good but hopefully.


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Cariboo, BC
the kid in me looks at those pumpkins and thinks they might be as much fun to shoot as those birds...just kidding ....heheheh
Not as much fun as you would think ..................... :grumpy:

Took a pumpkin out for a shoot last year. Thought 4000 FPS would turn a pumpkin inside out , NO just a quarter size hole clean through from the 40grn 22-250 round.
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