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Polish Hunter Sausage

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Port Alberni
This recipe goes back a couple years now...

My bowhunting Buddy in the OK managed to wander across, and take down one of those elusive feral hogs we all hear about. Amazing unto itself!
Then he requested a rather special recipe for the sausage to come from this magical beast.
Apparently the recipe came all the way from the home country - Poland in this case, and had to be translated into something I could pretend to understand...

Now, I am all about sausages, been doing that a considerable spell, and kind of like to think I know what I am up to in that regard. At least a little.
When I read over that recipe, I remember going Hhmmmmmmmmmmm.... Dunno....

Well, that batch turned out so damn good I tucked the idea away in the To Be Remembered file.

Jump forward to this year. Another Buddy, Bowhunter Extraordinaire just returned from Alberta with a couple Russian Boars in hand. I have chewed on those before, and while tasty, they often were a little on the rubbery side for my liking. These ones though, had not only the great flavor, but were actually rather tender.

Target was to make the larger balance of these into the same sausage we had proven a couple years back. And so we set about that task.

Here's the recipe for any who might want to try this (note, it is reduced down from an 80 lb recipe, so is a close approximate). In this case we had two 31 pound runs:


24 Pounds Russian Boar (18 lbs fine grind, 6 lbs coarse)
7 Pounds Domestic Pig (coarse grind)

Total: 31 Pounds

8 Tblsp Salt
2 Tblsp Prague Cure # 1
5 Tblsp Ground Black Pepper
9.5 Tblsp Fresh Copped Garlic
5 Tblsp Garlic Powder
3 Tblsp Ground Juniper
3 Tblsp Marjoram
½ bag Yellow Mustard Seed
½ bag Grams Coriander Seed

5 Cups Ice Water
1/2 (Mickey) London Dry Gin

All mixed, and shot on the same day into standard hog casings.

Since moving I have yet to set up the downstairs processing room.
So my buddy's Lady has to put up with us working in their dining room! :highly_amused:
As a consequence, help for the reno to come has been firmly offered once again! small wink

Then they sat and dried out overnight.
Into the smoker, 8 hour run at medium (160 F) heat
Finished with a hot water bath (bringing internal up to 152 F) and hanging to bloom.

After another day, we finally bagged and tagged the lot:

And... Another hit right out of the park! :Oh Yeah!:
Ate an entire coil while bagging them! LOL!

Now resting for a day in the fridge before storage.
Leaning heavily towards finding some of these damn things to shoot!! :kewl:

Thread starter #6
Port Alberni
Tanks Folks. And yep, they are indeed Marvelous!! :Oh Yeah!:

... Is the gin for the sausage or to drink while making the sausage ??
I guess you didn't notice the glass of red in the picture my Friend.
Oddly enough, the flavors of the red compliment the gin (in the sausage - otherwise I simply can't stand the stuff) quite nicely. small wink


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