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Salmon in trouble?

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Wapiti Killer
Giscome, BC, well close to there
Wow, sounds like people are now seeing clearly we are in the midst of an environmental salmon disaster of the likes not seen since The Hell's Gate Slide and the great Fraser Canyon slide hundreds of years prior. Archeological digs have shown salmon vertibrate devoid for decades from excavations in midden layers after slide.

43,000,000 Chinook, coho along with millions of pounds other salmon, steel head and other fin fish are devoured by the over population of Pinnipeds in our south coast each year.

Pacific Balance Pinniped Society with help of this Winters food herring seine fishers have been bringing to all of you the indicators of exploding sea lion hordes throughout the Salish Sea.
Our society has brought forth local reports from throughout the coast backed up with reports and data compiled by scientists that there's a great need for an expanded First Nation harvest of a good percentage of the Pinniped infestation.
Maybe this is the reality kick in the pocket book that everyone needs to see looming before them to act? How you say?
Contact our organization or one of our directors to set up a meeting to hear us out. If you think your financial well being is going to be effected or your pleasure to recreationally fish, then best share this post.
Time for people to look in the mirror and to one another and say, "There is no cavelery coming over them hills to save us, but I hear there's a pile of Indians ready to help save us from the hordes of pinnipeds consuming my way of life daily."
1.2 MILLION pounds of fish each 24 hour period being gobbled up by over 47,000 invasive California Sea Lions in our waters. Don't believe me? Then find me an archaeologist or an archaeological report that shows California Sea Lion bones found in a B.C. excavation to date.
Environmental organizations a.k.a. corporations need to be responsible for what they have been a great part of creating. This over population problem and leaders afraid of upsetting these groups along with a pursued public opinion must budge to a middle ground. If not, they best be held highly accountable for the disaster they have created in their protectionism campaigns.
Yes, a harvest must take place if you truly are concerned for our environment, for with the collapse of our salmon there will be a domino effect of the likes we can only pray does not unfold.
As I said in the Cohen Inquirery before the panel in Campbell River, "It's an understatement to say without a wild salmon resource, there would be no B.C. tourism industry."
Share the hell out of this post so more can support Pacific Balance Pinniped Society by joining group on Facebook.
Native traditional harvest of Pinnipeds is one of the salmons last hope to really make a quick change in slowing the death of millions of fish that will save many people's way of life and lively hoods.

I have to wonder why/how everyone has just sat back and watched this travesty unfold...and see similarities with our land based predators....why do we sit back and allow this to happen when we clearly have the technology to stop it?

Foxton Gundogs

Admin./ Goose & Prawn Pig ..... Cedar BC
Some of our members have the inside track on whets going on. Nog, Ed George and Ken Pearce to name 3 hopefully they will wade in.
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Wapiti Killer
Giscome, BC, well close to there

7 hrs ·

Interesting post in COMMERCIAL SALMON, ALBACORE & CRAB FISHERS Group. Lets look at this as a template for pricing pinniped meat for Canadian fisherman.
Mink carcasses selling by the pallet. 1,800lb at .40 cents a lb $720 U.S. per pallet.
Bagged and boxed in double wall boxes 60lb/box.
They are going quick. The guys with the best success are putting them in bait boxes, we use a pvc pipe capped with holes in it, so the crab can’t devour it to death. Very durable greasy fatty bait. 360-599-2166
.40 cents U.S.converts to .53 cents per pound Canadian or
$959.15 per 1,800 lb pallet.
I been looking for numbers on pounds per seal recovery, but that will have to wait until Monday when I call east coast sealers.
Lets say for arguments sake, one can get 50 pounds of meat/bone recovery from a seal. That's $26.50 per seal on average.
Male penal bones are selling up to $600.00 lb. in Chinatown. Lets say $25.00 per penal bone
Hides will whole sale out at $30 to $50.00 per, so $40.00 average price.
- $26.50 MEAT
- $40.00 HIDE
- $25.00 PENAL BONE
CALIFORNIA SEA LION & STELLAR SEA LION there's no data to date, but being larger animals one can speculate at 50 cents a pound for bone and meat for bait, the revenue can be substantial.
At those prices I can see a day soon when a sport fisherman will be able to go to the sport shop freezer for a bag of pinniped prawn/crab bait. Herring, octopus and squid is sold frozen for bait, why not pinniped?
This is one of PACIFIC BALANCE PINNIPED SOCIETY mandates as outlined in our mission statement.
1. Secure sustainable Harvest Quota from Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO)
2. Establish on going monitoring plan of seals/sea lions
3. Harvesting to be carried out in a humane dispatch method according to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s Seal Harvest Guidelines
4. Harvesting to be done by Indigenous groups and licenced harvesters
5. Ascertain best locations of processing facilities for seal meat, seal oil, and seal fur
6. Ascertain world market for the above products. (Asia and Canada) (cost benefit analysis)
7. Ascertain the benefits/consequences of a seal harvest for all BC Communities – Socially, Environmentally and Economically
8. Ascertain the benefits to the West Coast Fish Stocks with a Seal Harvest in place
9. Seek government/industry capacity funding to carry out mission.
Be great when one an entrepreneur or an established company steps up and speaks with us about becoming a coastal buyer for the pinnipeds harvested?
PACIFIC BALANCE PINNIPED SOCIETY share so others can join please.

Round Boy

Can't keep a beat.
In the Gar.
I don't like fish farms, however I wonder if there is any food value for salmon in farms. That would be a good use for them...

Big Lew

This IS My Life
Mission B.C.
Even when I was in grade school 60 years ago we learned the extremely important role
that the pacific salmon played in our coastal environment, especially within the rain forest
and the river deltas. Take away the dead spawned out salmon as well as the partially eaten
carcasses left by bears and other predators spells disaster for the whole ego system. These
critical nutrients are responsible for the lush forests which in turn harbour all the various
wildlife right down to the birds and bees so to speak. I blame a lot of the lack of understanding
on just how important our fishes are to our schools not teaching the younger generations the
same lessons I had many years ago. I also blame the media and our politicians for not taking
the loss of our salmon seriously enough. Everyone, including those politicians and the media
shouldn't be concentrating on just pollution and over harvesting...disease and predication are
equally part of the problem.
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