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She should have listened so I now have another "I told you so" moment!

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Big Lew

This IS My Life
Mission B.C.
My wife gets all in a tizzy each time we go away for a few days or more.
She's friends with the old ladies in 2 houses across the street from us so she said "I'm going over
and ask them to watch our place while we're gone" to which I relied, "I don't think it's necessary
or a good idea, we have a monitored alarm system and both those ladies are a bit excitable."
She went anyway, telling them the days we would be gone. Here comes the "I told you so."
Well, about 20 minutes ago a person from one of those houses came to the door to see who is
in our house even though I've been out in plain view on our lighted patio, and our dog which they
both know very well was out in the front yard as well. Just after the fellow left we got a visit from
a couple of police cars. Apparently the ladies forgot that we weren't leaving for a couple of days.
Of course they meant well, but sometimes it's best not to involve others, especially when you
have gone to the trouble and expense of maintaining a monitored alarm system.


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I assume you did not get cuffed. I have over 41 with the lady around this house and yes there is a time to talk and a time to smile and not say a word. When my wife is not on the scedual where she works for a while everyone she works with wants to know where are you going. She tells them we are just doi g things around the house. In this area she is like me too darn many people want to know when you are away from your house. We also have too many thieves around the area. Need to all be shot. Have a nice trip if you don't end up in jail first.

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