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Skeena Shut Down


Stone Cold
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Port Alberni
Thirty-eight Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs have renewed a ban on recreational salmon fishing in their traditional territory.

“All persons holding recreational fishing permits or fish-guiding licenses are no longer allowed to trespass in Gitxsan territory. People need to know that when they fish here, they are trespassing in controlled territory,” says Brian Williams, Chair of Gigeenix, in a press release.

Like last year, the Hereditary Chiefs say anyone found fishing salmon in their territory will be asked to stop. They claim up to 90 per cent of its members have abstained from harvesting salmon until the numbers return.

Meanwhile an advisory committee, referred to as a Crisis Team by the chiefs, has been meeting with federal and provincial officials to discuss public access to the territory in 2020. They say the ban marks the beginning of an “ambitious journey” to collaborate with the government to create a process where all recreational fishers must have permission from individual chiefs to fish their rivers.


Big Lew

This IS My Life
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Mission B.C.
No one should be surprised. There has been ample foreshadowing about what was coming down the pike.
It has accelerated lately thanks to "Mr Dressup's" blatant sucking up to the indigenous communities purely
for personal political gain. What's scary is that, like starting down a slippery slope, it's very hard to stop,
let alone get back to where you began, and darn near impossible to climb up even higher


Long-Time Member
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I think last year Chinook in Skeena opened june1 for fishing, correct me if im wrong I haven't fished the rivers in too long.
What is the salmon fishing regs going to be this year? is it closed for recreation angling for now until further notice?


Wapiti Killer
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Giscome, BC, well close to there
Well if 90% of them aren't fishing the salmon it should be good for the stocks, being fair 90% of us should abstain from taking Chinook too. Fair is fair, I will be the first to say I won't fish the Skeena system for Chinook this year, anyone wanna join me? ;-)
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