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So sad...

Big Lew

This IS My Life
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Mission B.C.

Mine moped around for a while too.

They eventually get over it and forget about the trauma - but the memory of that stink stays with them for a very long, long time.
Hopefully he has learned his lesson. He's now very apprehensive about going out into the front yard
at night where it all happened unless I go down the stairs with him. There's still a lingering smell in the
area he got sprayed which might have a lot to do with it.


Mountains are my medicine
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Ohhh my! Skunks, I remember them things from back when I lived in Saskatchewan. Luckily we don’t have them up here, I give my dog a sniff of a bottle of skunk juice once, she was quite interested in it lol.

Did you know, skunk spray is a heck of a pneumonia cure? Among other sicknesses. My dad use to get pneumonia every couple/few years, ending up in hospital a few times. An old native friend convinced him to take a teaspoon of, “skunk spray”, to cure his pneumonia about 15 years ago. He stunk like a skunk for 3-4 days, but he’s never had pneumonia since, and rarely ever even catches a cold anymore. He call’s it a miracle.
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