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Stopping Spammers.

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Bow Walker

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6200 km Away From Home.
This is an ongoing problem for any internet site - Spammers who only want to disrupt things. The least of them want to sell 'knock-off' junk at an inflated price. The worst of them will post up porn or damaging links that they want you to click on so that you get a deadly virus.

This new software (Xenforo) is one of the better ones for stopping these people before they can do any damage. Xenforo matches email addresses and IP addresses and usernames to several spam watch sites. If there is a hit the software will warn me. If there are several hits it will automatically place the user-wannabe in limbo and alert me to check them out before approving their application for membership.

It is a bit of a tedious process but well worth the effort(s) to keep our site friendly and helpful.

Just these past few days we have had a bit of a rash of people trying to get approved - yet they are known spammers. This morning, for instance, I turfed one applicant who came up like this...
  • StopForumSpam matched (email: blacklisted, ip: 121)
That means that the person had an email address that was well known and also blacklisted, and they also had 121 hits on the spammers list......

I post this to give a shout out to Xenforo and their development team for having very strong and active program(s) for stopping these dudes in their tracks. :Oh Yeah!:
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