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taking your pet to see santa

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Always looking for a good deal on something
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Abbotsford, BC
Okay so if the dog bites Santa, does he file a Worksafe claim or are you charged for assault? Problems all over this one.

Any who's doing mop up duty while in the line up? What about liability insurance when a kid gets caught between a mini-dog fight?

Ya, this is a good idea.

Any what about the fragile cat/dog relations?

What about Caddisguy and his pet grouse? Cats, dogs, ferrets - they all want a piece of grouse.

I would like to see the reaction if someone brought in a pet skunk - that would be entertaining.

Foxton Gundogs

Admin./,Cedar BC
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Years ago there was a truck stop at Spuzum ran by a woman and her daughters. One evening I was sitting there drinking coffee and I felt a warm fury creature climb onto my lap. I never looked down just started patting it. The purring became so loud it could be heard everywhere. One of the girls came out and said "Oh I see you have met Peppy" It was then I looked down to see a big skink curled up on my lap.All though he was descented it still gave me a start, never knew skunks purred.

Big Lew

This IS My Life
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Mission B.C.
I don't know if anyone here remembers the huge wolf-German Shepard that used to guard
the logging camp at the head of Stave Lake.
I went up there by 12 ft cartop on day, launching from the mouth of Salsbury Creek.
I had a 90cc Honda trail bike on board which I loaded and unloaded with a tall 2"x4" tripod
and cable come-a-long. I had stacked all my gear on shore and just cleared the boat with the
raised bike when I was poked in the back right between my shoulder blades. As I was the only
one around it startled the heck out of me, and when I turned around, there was that big dog
staring back at me. He had heard me come to shore, and as he was left all alone for the weekend,
came running to greet whomever had arrived. Not knowing what his intentions were, I was distracted
long enough for my emptied boat to float away into deep water. I tried to cast a weight into it with
my spinning tackle without success and watched in dismay as it floated further and further away.
Fortunately a breeze caught it and pushed it against the far side of one of the tugs tied up to boom sticks.
That dog hung around me all the while. I donned my chest waders, put my life jacket back on, and
began the risky business of making my way along those boom sticks by straddling them. It took what
seemed forever to get enough forward and backward rocking motion to get the boom stick ends close
enough that I could transfer from one to the other. I finally came alongside the tug and was able to pull
myself up on board, cross over to my boat and jump down inside. First thing I did when getting back to
the boat launch and my gear was to securely tie it up. I then fed that dog a big portion of my lunch before
we both made our way up the road to his camp. When going through that camp on previous occasions
I had been warned that the dog wasn't friendly...he certainly didn't show any aggression to me on that trip.


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How about the guy that pulls his snake out for Santa. Come on Santa it is just a little boa and all he wants for Christmas is that little dog over there.


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First, eyeroll

Second, look on the lighter side, a few people are making a buck off of these folks, so good on them. Some people can't/won't have kids so pets are a proxy for that.

but again, eyeroll

Iron Glove

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Tulameen and Hope
We recently had a fundraiser for the Hope Dog Park where you could take your dog(s) and for a donation they would take a picture of the mutt(s) with Santa.
We couldn't attend - 1 dog @ cabin with me, the other dog recovering from spaying but apparently it went over very well and raised a bunch of $$$.
They did open it to other "pets" and cats, chickens, goats and a few other critters showed up too.
Probably less problems with the dogs than some snotty little brats running amok pulling poor Santa's beard off. :Oh Yeah!:
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