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Bow Walker

6200 km Away From Home.
True North Outdoor Forum's Mission Statement;
  • We are a website dedicated to being friendly and helpful to any and all who are either members or have just come to visit.
  • We treat others as though they were friends that have been invited into our homes and among our family.
  • We admire a tolerant attitude, and a healthy respect for others.

Basic Rules For Conduct While Online Here At True North Outdoor Forum.

1. There will be no discussion about, or pertaining to, Religion.

2. If you have concerns about any thread or a reply, use the “Report” button at the bottom-left of the post, and the moderation team will deal with it.

3. There will be no bashing of other websites - at all.

4. If a particular hunting/fishing method or activity is legal then it is legal, end of story. Do not belittle anyone's choice of hunting or fishing method(s).

5. There will be NO discussion of illegal hunting or fishing methods on this website. We do not advocate or condone such activities.

6. Derogatory and/or demeaning comments or insults of any type, and/or racial slurs will not be tolerated. No Exceptions. That is the basis for our moderation here. IF necessary - offenders will have to attend to the DIFFERENCE SETTLING FORUM to work out the problem. This is mandatory.

7. There is to be no Swearing, Foul language, or Crude posts, on this website. Keep this an enjoyable and respectful place for everyone; as there are children who read and understand the posts.

8. Avatars and signatures are to be in good taste with the final say going to the Site owner.

9. There will be absolutely NO nudity, partial nudity or suggestive dialogue or photos of any kind allowed here. Either in posts, replies, links, or avatars.

10. When you post pictures of your kills/catches or trophies, please try to be respectful to the animals. Try not to show excessive blood or gore. Post a warning in the thread title, if the above is unavoidable.

11. There will be no rehashing of old disagreements, or feuds once they are concluded, they are over and done with, and will not be revisited.

Any infractions will be dealt with swiftly. We will keep this a friendly and respectful site for all.

Not as bad as most Forums is it? Pretty straight forward.

Welcome, post some pictures and stories, and be sure to fill out your profile.
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